Sate Binder B-90 B-70 B-50

High performance adhesion and waterproofing agent for plaster and grouts

Sate Binder

Sate Binder

Sate Binder
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Area of applications

Sate Binder is added to the concrete, concrete finish, mortar mixture to increase waterproofing, freezing and thawing resistance and resistance against puckering in the elastoplastic module. It keeps concrete, concrete finish or mortar from cracking and provides a comfortable working conditions in wide areas.



Sate Binder is modified acrylic dispersion based additive used in plasters and grouts to increase impermeability and adherence. Prevent the formation of cold grout by creating an adhesion bridge between the new cement finish and concrete on old concrete.

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Delivery and storage

Sate Binder is delivered in 30 ,10 ,5 kg pails. Down to °10-C, Sate Binder is not sensetive to frost. Can be stored dry and in original sealed packing at cool temperatures for at least 6 months. Opened pails must be resealed well in order to avoid the formation of film.

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Working instructions


For adhesion: It is recommended that the old concrete surface is cleaned and washed and the concrete is waterlogged.

In Mortar/ Cement Finish Applications: One part cement (CEMI), 5-4 part sand, 0.30 part water, add 6-4 kg Sate Binder. Sate Binder in thin cement finishes at industrial and shopping centers; recommended to be used with Satex admixtures one part cement (CEM I), 3 parts sand, 6-5 kg Satex FM and 5-3.5 kg Sate Binder.

The mixture proportions: One part cement (CEM I). Three part 2-0 mm sand, two part water, one part Sate Binder.

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