Sate Fix Flex

Flexible, highly polymer modified, cement based thin and medium bed tile adhesive

Sate Fix Flex

Sate Fix Flex

Sate Fix Flex
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Area of applications

Sate Fix Flex is suitable for laying in the thin bed or medium bed method of: ceramic wall and floor tiles, mosaic, stoneware, fine stone- ware, earthenware, split tiles, glass mosaic, hand moulded stones, brick tiles, lightweight and fibreglass building boards. On concrete, render, cement screeds, anhydrite screeds, masonry, clinkers, as well as paper backed gypsum boards, as well as heated floor screeds. Sate Fix Flex is used for substrates exposed to low levels of tension or slight fluctuations, heated screeds and swimming pools. Sate Fix Flex white is especially useful for laying marbles, natural stones.



Sate Fix Flex is a ready for use tile adhesive and resistant to weathering, heat and frost after curing. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor application. For dry and temporarily slightly moist substrates. Suitable for external walls. Sate Fix Flex has high bonding strength Non sag and is used for fixing new tiles on old ones and also for areas permanently under water.

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Delivery and storage

Sate Fix Flex is available in paper bags of 25 kg. white and grey color. Can be stored dry and in original sealed packing for at least 12 months.

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Working instructions

1- Preparation of substrates:

The substrate must be solid, sound, stable and free of dust, dirt, oil, grease and loose particles. Residues of grease, wax or cleaning agents must be completely removed from old ceramic coverings. Loose tiles and panels must be removed, and the defective areas levelled using the Satex repair mortar. Chalky paints or solid lacquer or dispersion paints should be mechanically removed and then be primed using Satex TG. Paper backed gypsum boards, gypsum plaster (cracked and rough surface) or heavily absorbent cement screeds: use the primer Satex TG. Old or dirty poured asphalt substrates: first mechanically roughen and use the primer Satex TG super In addition, when using on the above substrates in damp or wet duty rooms, additional waterproofing should be executed directly under the ceramic tiles, for ex. with Satex F Folie or Satex Flex 2K. Mix 25 kg (= 1 bag) Sate Fix Flex and 7.0-6.4 litres water. Use an electric drill with an attached stirrer and mix until lumpfree. Do not mix more mortar than can be applied in 3 hours.

2- Application :

Apply Sate Fix Flex with a notched thin bed trowel (notch size up to 10 mm) or a notched medium bed trowel (notch size 15 mm) and level by combing. The material to be bonded is laid into the fresh mortar bed and pressed onto the substrate remove adhesive residues using a wet sponge.

 3- Grouting
Joints between tiles can be grouted after 24 hours at °20+C. When using Sate Fix Flex for tile on tile bonding, pedestrian traffic/grouting can take place after 24 to 48 hours, depending on the temperature. For this purpose, we recommend a polymer modified joint grout, like Sate Fuge Flex, Sate Fuge N. For closing connection, expansion or movement joints, use an elastomeric joint sealant, like Satex SLN.

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