Sate Fix N

Plastic modified, cement base tile adhesive

Sate Fix N


Sate Fix N
مناطق کاربرد

Area of applications

Sate Fix N is used as bonding mortar for ceramic wall and floor tiles inside and outside.



Sate Fix N is high quality adhesive for wall and floor. It has high bonding strength and suitable for dry and moist substrates and resistant to weathering, heat and frost after hardening.

بسته‌بندی و شرایط نگهداری

Delivery and storage

Sate Fix N is delivered in 25 kg bag in white and grey colours. Can be stored dry and in original sealed packing for at least 12 months.

دستورالعمل کار

Working instructions

The substrate must be solid, level, load bearing and dimensionally stable. Loose particles as well as dust, dirt, oil and grease (formwork oil and wax residues) must be removed. Old grouts must be removed, the destroyed parts and holes must be filled with repair mortars. 25 kg Sate Fix N is added slowly to 7.20 - 6.75 l clean water and mix as soon as the mixture has a homogeneous consistency. Then leave the mixture for 3 minutes and mix again for 30 seconds and at last the mixture is ready to use. Do not prepare more mortar as to be used in 4 hours. The ready mixture of Sate Fix N is applied on the surface and it is with a trowel on one way troweled. In order to repair the mortar and make pressure is possible before the mixture is hard. Sate Fix N should not be used on the heated surfaces, on extreme air conditions. On absorbent surfaces use a primer. The high water absorbent ceramics must be absorbed to water. Do not add any extra material or water to the ready mortar mixture. After 24 hours from the applica- tion the joints can be filled with joint fillers.

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