Sate Fuge Flex

Flexible, plastic modified, cement based grout for joints (3 - 20 mm width)

Sate Fuge Flex


Sate Fuge Flex
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Area of applications

 Sate Fuge Flex is used as grout for joints with a width of 3 to max. 20 mm. Between wall and floor ceramic tiles, mosaics, glass mosaics, artificial tiles together with our flexible tile adhesives Sate Fix Flex. Sate Fuge Flex is especially appropriate for the flexible and water repellent grouting on surfaces being subject to slight settle- ments, e.g. chipboards, lightweight boards and heated screeds.



Sate Fuge Flex is a flexible, plastic modified, cement based grout for joints being subject to slight tensions and settlements. Sate Fuge Flex is used for joint widths of 3 to 20 mm. After mixing with water the grout is smooth and can easily be applied. After setting it is free of cracks, water repellent, abrasion and waterproof and resistant to all common household cleaners.

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Delivery and storage

Sate Fuge Flex is delivered in 20 kg bag, in white, manhattan, medium grey, cement grey and anthracite colours. Can be stored and dry in original sealed packing for at least 12 months.

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Working instructions

1- Preparation of substrates:

When the tile adhesive has hardened, scratch out the joints to a sufficient depth and clean the surfaces. Prewet absorbent surfaces thoroughly with water.

2- Mixing:

Mix20kgSateFugeFlexin7.0to7.4l water according to the required consistency for walls or floors, until the grout is smooth and lump free. The mixing ratios mentioned above must strictly be observed. Then the grout can immediately be applied. The quantity of the mixed grout should not exceed that one which can be applied within 30 minutes. Except the colours white and cement grey we recommend to prepare the total quantity required for one surface in one single mix in order to avoid differences in colour.

3- Application:

Apply Sate Fuge Flex with a rubber squeegee (floors), grouting trowel (walls) or rubber board deep and conclusively. Do not use a pointing trowel. After a few minutes apply some more grout and swing the squeegee or trowel in diagonal direction for the removal of residue. Do not fill expansion joints with Sate Fuge Flex. After hardening remove the rests of the grout and the dried grouting milk with a clean, slightly moist sponge. Provide for sufficient wetting after 24 hours.

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