Sate Fuge N

Plastic modified, cement based grout for joints (up to 6 mm width)

Sate Fuge N

Sate Fuge N

Sate Fuge N
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Area of applications

Sate Fuge N is used as grout for joints up to 6 mm width between ceramic wall and floor tiles, glass mosaics, natural or artifical stones. It is also used for interior and exterior works, wet duty areas, balconies, terrasses, swimming pools and heated floors.



Sate Fuge N is a premium grade, plastic modified cement based grouts for joints between ceramic tiles. It is filled with high quality additives and pigments. After gauging with water, the mortar keeps a smooth consistency during their application. Easy application for indoors and outdoors, for wall and floor ceramic tiles and slabs, mosaics, natural and artificial stones, glass mosaics.

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Delivery and storage

ate Fuge N is delivered in 20kg bag in white, grey, beige, bahama beige, stella, manhattan, brown, jasmine, pergamon, crocus, anthracite, caramel. Can be stored dry and in original sealed bags for at least 12 months.

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Working instructions

1- Watchpoints:

The grout Sate Fuge N is only coloured with cement fast colour pigments. Following points must be observed: - mix the grouts with the prescribed amout of water - apply the grouts after the complete drying of the thin bed or thick bed adhesives For several reasons, which are due to the large variety of tiles and stones and to some extent to the local circumstances, we can not assume any guarantee for a uniform colouration.

2- Preparation of substrates:

When the tile adhesive has hardened, scratch out the joint to a sufficient depth and clean surfaces. Set of adhesive must have come to an end to avoid discolourations. Absorbent substrates shall be prewetted with water thoroughly.

3- Mixing:

Mix 20 kg Sate Fuge N in 7.4 – 7.0 litres water according to the required consistency for walls or floors.

4- Application:

The quantity of mixed joint mortar should not exceed the quantity that can be used within 2 -1 hours. Prepare the total quantity required for one surface in a single mix to avoid different mixing ratios. Apply the grout with a rubber squeegee (walls) or grouting trowel (floors) into the joints in cross or in diagonal direction. After a few minutes apply some more grout material in order to level uneven spots. Swing the squeegee or the trowel in diagonal direction for the removal of residue. Do not fill expansion, connection or movement joints with Sate Fuge N. Once the grout residue takes a pale shade and starts drying (approx. 15 to 30 min.), wipe clean the whole surface with a wet sponge. In case of grouting stoneware, the drying will last longer. Provide for sufficiently wet aftertreatment within 24 hours. Use household cleaners after 14 days.

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