Sate Ready Fix

Ready for use emulsion base tile adhesive

Sate Ready Fix


Sate Ready Fix
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Area of applications

 Sate Ready Fix is suitable for: bonding floor and wall ceramic tiles, mosaics, quarter bricks, split tiles, glass mosaics, insulation and lightweight boards to all level substrates such as concrete, cement screed, anhydrite screed, light- weight or aerated concrete, paperfaced gypsum boards. Bonding ceramic tiles on heated floor, cement screeds or concrete bonding new tiles on old ones (indoors) bonding of insulation boards on walls (outdoors) and their coating prior to the application of a synthetic textured plaster.



Sate Ready Fix is a ready for use tile adhesive and resistant to weathering, heat and frost after curing. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor application but not for areas permanently under water. For dry and temporarily slightly moist substrates. Suitable for external walls. Main features: For indoors (walls and floors) For outdoors (only walls) High bonding strength Non sag

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Delivery and storage

Sate Ready Fix is delivered in 8 kg and 20 kg plastic buckets. Keep broken containers tightly closed after use. Can be stored cool (until down 10- °C) and in original sealed packing for at least 12 months.

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Working instructions

1- Preparation of substrates:

The substrate as well as the material to be bonded may be dry or temporarily slightly moist but must be solid, level, load bearing and dimensionally stable. Remove loose parts as well as dust and dirt. Remove oil, grease residues of form work oil and wax with Satex F. Any important unevenness must be levelled with Sate Ready Fix. The levelling layer must have cured before starting the bonding work. Gypsum substrates must be roughened and primed with Satex TG. Gypsum fibre boards and sandy or dusty substrates require a stabilization with Satex TG.

2- Application:

Use a stainless toothed trowel or scraper for the all over application with a thickness of the layer of up to approx. 3 mm. Always apply the amount of adhesive that allows the bonding of tiles during the time available for application. Firmly lay introduce the material to be bonded into the adhesive, press it onto the substrate while aligning immediately. The use of spacers is not required but for extreme cases when bonding heavy slabs. We recommend to prewet highly absorbent substrates or to reduce their absorbency with the solvent free primer Satex TG. Immediateley remove any residues with a moist sponge from tiles, slabs etc. Clean tools with water immediately after use. Satex Ready Fix allows to bond new tiles to old tiles. The old tile surface is cleaned from dirt, soap residues and grease with Satex F and afterwards requires a bonding coat of Sate Ready Fix diluted with water to allow application by brush. As soon as the bonding coat has dried, the new tiles can be bonded with Sate Ready Fix according to the thin bed method.

3- Grouting|:

Points between ceramic tiles are filled after 1 to 5 days with one of our plastic modified cement based grouts Sate FugeN, or Sate Fuge Flex. Larger continous surfaces require a protection from cracking by connection or expansion joints with an elastomeric joint sealant such as Satex SLX.

4- Watchpoints:

Sate Ready Fix is an emulsion adhesive containing a certain amount of water. The formation of the whole bonding strength requires the complete evaporation of the water. This evaporation rate depends upon the air temperature, the thickness of the adhesive layer, the absorbency of the substrate and the porosity material to be bonded. When bonding new tiles to old ones (particularly in case of non absorbent stoneware tiles), for instance, and when more moisture is coming off for any reason, a drying of the adhesive might not be expected even.

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