Satex B Fix

Plastic modified, cement base term insulation board special adhesive mortar

Satex B Fix


Satex B Fix
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Area of applications

 Satex B Fix is used to bond heat insulating panels, such as polystyrene, extrude polystyrene insulating panels in SATEX Thermo System.



Satex B Fix is prepared to bond heat insulating panels in SATEX Thermo System. Satex B Fix is binded with water and applied easily. The advantage of the product, very long time available for bonding, easy applica- tion, resistance to weathering water, heat and frost after hardening.

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Delivery and storage

Satex B Fix is delivered in 25 kg bag. Can be stored dry in original sealed packing for at least 12 months.

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Working instructions

Preparation of substrates:

The substrate must be solid, load bearing, dimensionally stable as well as free from dust, dirt, oil, grease and loose parts. Sanding paints and all those with a good key: to be removed by mechanical means and require a subsequent pretreatment with SATEX TG. Gypsum plaster and floor boards: to be mechanically roughened and primed with SATEX TG .


Approx. mixing ratio for Satex B Fix: powder : water 25 kg : 6.8-6.3 litres Satex B Fix is mixed with water until to form a lump free mortar. Do not mix more mortar than can be applied within 4,5 hours. Satex B Fix is applied on back side of the heat insulating panel as spots.

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