Satex Flex 2KS

Two component hydraulically setting waterproofing slurry

Satex Flex 2KS


Satex Flex 2KS
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Area of applications

 Satex Flex 2KS is suitable for water- proofing indoor and outdoor surfaces of buildings such as for wall and floor surfaces in moist and wet areas. Walls of basements and foundations and swimming pools and containers. In connection with ceramic tiling materials Satex Flex 2KS allows a protection of building by water- proofing in case of for soil moisture, surface and seepage water and water under pressure.



Satex Flex 2KS is a crack bridging hydraulically setting slurry for a fliexible waterproofing in indoor and outdoor areas of buildings such as outer walls of basements, containers, swimmimg pools, walll and flor surfaces of moist and wet duty rooms. It is stability and impermeable even to water under pressure and crack bridging up to 0.2 mm minimum. It allows rapid and easy application. It has good bonding to many substrates and resistant to frost and non ageing, not harmfull to the envi- ronment due to its purely mineral base.

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Delivery and storage

Satex Flex 2KS is delivered in 22.5 kg bag(powder) and 7,5 kg container(liquid). Can be stored dry, in original sealed packing and protected from frost for at least 12 months.

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Working instructions

Preparation of substrates:

The substrate must be stable, clean and free from dust, dirt and loose parts. Any whitewash coat and paint must be removed well. The substrate must be slightly wet.


Depending on the substrate and water under pressure. At least two and more (4-3 coats) applications are required.


Satex Flex 2KS is available in the correct proportion of ingredients. Satex Flex 2KS (7,5 kg) liquid is added to Satex Flex 2KS (22.5 kg) powder while constantly mixing, until a uniform and lump free mortar has been obtained. It is mixed with eletric drill attached stirrer or compulsory mixer for 3 minutes. At least two all over applications are required. The second coat is applied after a minimum delay of 6 hours at 20+oC and it should not delay longer than 24 hours to prevent any damage to the first coat. The fresh waterproofing layer must be protected from drying too fast due to sun, draft and rain for three days. Satex Flex 2KS has a good inherit strenght and allows the application of protective layers, slabs, screeds, tiles or plasters after three days. Do not apply Satex Flex 2KS to frozen substrates, in frost or at high tem- peratures (temperature of the substrate above 25+oC). Before application Satex Flex 2KS liquid must be stirred well and protected from frost.

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