Sate Latex

Latex based bonding emulsion

Sate Latex


Sate Latex
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Area of applications

 Sate Latex is used for additive for repair mortar, preparation of floating floor screeds and waterproof plasters, screeds. It is also used primer or bonding layer for improved bonding of rendering and mortars on smooth substrates.



Sate Latex is a dispersion for as a plaster additive, bonding agent for most common building materials; rendering on brickwork, screed on concrete. It increases bonding, plasticizing effect and also the tensile strength.

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Delivery and storage

Sate Latex is delivered in 5kg, 30kg and 120 kg. Down to °10-C, Sate Latex is not sensitive to frost. The storage temperature should not exceed °40+C for long. Can be stored dry and in original sealed packing at cool temperatures (not under °10-C) for at least 6 months. Opened pails must be resealed well in order to avoid the formation of film.

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Working instructions

Preparation of substrates:

For any application, the substrate must be thorougly prepared. It must be free of dust and loose parts. The substrate must be prewetted. Avoid residual surface water.

1.Additive for repair mortars:

repare a dry mix of sand and cement and mix into gauging liquid. Layer thickness up to 10 mm Sate Latex and water in a ratio of 1:1,5.

2.Preparation of water- resistant plasters and sreeds:

Primer: Mix Sate Latex with cement in ratio of 1:1 by volume and brush thoroughly into the substrate. Water-resistant plaster/screed: Mix a dry mixture of cement and sand (Grain size up to 4 mm) in a ratio of 1:2 by volume into the gauging liquid consist- ing of Sate Latex and water (1:2). The water resistant plaster should be workable with the trowel, the screed mortar slightly moist. Apply both of them wet on wet onto the primer.

3.Primer on splatter coat for improved bonding of rendering and mortars on smooth surfaces:

Primer: Mix Sate Latex and cement in a ratio of 1:1 by volume and brush thorougly onto the substrate.
Splatter coat: Mix a dry-mixture of cement and sand (grain size up to 4 mm) into the gauging liquid consisting of Sate Latex and water (1:1 up to 1:2 by volume) and adjust to sprayability. Apply a wartlike layer with brom, brush or gun. Upon hardening, verify the good bonding strenght of the splatter coat. Rendering: Apply wet on wet onto the primer or onto the set splatter coat.

4.Repair of floating flor screeds:

The construction and the thickness of the screed depend on the specifications. The mixing liquid contains 20 to 30 of Sate Latex in relation to the cement weight.

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