Satex RH

Extremly high setting waterproofing special mortar

Satex RH


Satex RH
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Area of applications

Satex RH is used for the waterproofing of joints, cracks and connections which are exposed to water pressure during or following application. As a result of its quick-setting and hydrophobic properties, cavities such as joints, cracks or water inlet points in concrete, screed and masonry can thus be caulked. It is used for producing quick setting fillets, and as a filling mortar during injection works. Satex RH is also used for sealing small leakages in basements.



Satex RH is a ready to use quick setting cement which is compound of chemical additives and cement. Its setting process starts very quickly just after contacting water so it enables excellent insulation. It doesn›t contain chloride, damage iron fitting and it allows very good adhesion on the surface. Very high strengths at early and final stage. The material is water impermeable and frost resistant after thorough drying and hardening, does not rot and does not shrink. Working time can be lengthened by adding Portland cement.

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Delivery and storage

Satex RH is available in 15 kg bucket. Can be stored dry and in original sealed packaging for at least 6 months.

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Working instructions

The substrate must be clean and sound, and must be pre wetted before application. Crack formations which are too narrow or shallow should be extended before application. Satex RH should be caulked into water-conducting cracks and joints as dry powder. Get some powder of Satex RH in your hands and apply into damaged point and pressed firmly until interrupt the leakage. It must be protected from sun and freezing after application. Satex RH should not be mixed any other construction materials. Do not use without gloves. Do not leave the product in humid places.

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