Satex S

Transparent, water repellent impregnating agent based on low molecular, siloxane

Satex S


Satex S
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Area of applications

 Satex S is used for the protection of facades and other vertical or highly inclined surfaces against penetrating moisture (driving rain). It is good for the treatment of concrete elements to provide a protection against frost and deicing salts as well as against lime efflorescences due to the influence of rain and humidity.



Moist spots, penetration of moisture through walls, salt efflorenscence, lime washout, damage due to frost, growth of moss and impurities are damage for buildings, the main cause of which is penetrating moisture. The penetration of moisture through building materials due to driving rain can be efficiently prevented by water repellent substances such as silanes, siloxanes or acrylic resins that penetrate deeply into the building material and tie themselves permanently by reaction. Satex S is a solvent containing, colorless and hydrophobic impregnating agent on siloxane base with the following characteristic features which are important for its performance and durability; low molecular weight hence, high power of penetration into the substrate suitable for highly alkaline substrates tack free after drying.

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Delivery and storage

Satex S is delivered in 5 l, 17 l pails (net contents). Can be stored dry and cool (not above °30+C) and in original sealed packing containers for at least 12 months.

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Working instructions

Apply Satex S undiluted with a spray diffuser (such as our high capacity spray diffuser) upto the saturation of the substrate. Smaller surfaces are treated by painting with a soft white wash brush or a flat bristle brush. A flooding application is required. For highly absorbent substrates, two or even three applications are required. Treat slightly absorbent surfaces only once. In case of very dense substrates, it is appropriate to wash the fresh impregnation with solvents (for instance thinner T). This will remove any exceeding active ingredients from the surface and transport them to more absorbent surface areas such as mortar joints. Warm weather and dry substrates will enhance the depth of penetration. After drying for appr. 24 hours, hydrophobyic impregnations with Satex S can be painted with water borne or solvent containing paints.


Cover glass surfaces as well as window and door frames, for the removal of splashes will be very time consuming after drying. Protect plants with foils. Synthetics must be compatible with the solvents. Clean tools with thinner T or gasoline. Avoid fire and mask in case of insufficient ventilation. Change soiled clothes as soon as possible.

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